Halloween can be a fun time with your students, and a great way to celebrate is by giving out treats.  However, kids get SO MUCH candy at Halloween!  As a teacher, sometimes you want to give something other than candy.  Not only do non-candy Halloween treats stand out because they are different, but they are also healthier for the kids.  I know, I know, they will still eat plenty of candy.  But at least they will also get something other than candy. So, if you are looking to hand out some non-candy Halloween treats this year, check out the list below!  All of these non-candy Halloween treats are fun and thoughtful gifts that kids will love just as much (or at least almost as much) as candy.

Ideas for Non-Candy Halloween Treats

1. Candy Corn ErasersCandy Corn Erasers

Kids love cool erasers, especially when they are holiday themed.  These candy corn erasers look like candy, which makes them perfect for a Halloween treat.  Plus, students can use them in the classroom, which makes it even more fun!  You could give each child a few of these small erasers in a Halloween gift bag or hand them out just like candy.

2. Halloween Coloring Books with Halloween CrayonsHalloween Coloring Books

In my experience, most children enjoy coloring.  In fact, many of my students request coloring activities or choose them when they have extra time.  So, giving out cute Halloween coloring books with some Halloween crayons is sure to be a big hit!  You could give students some time to start their coloring books as part of your Halloween celebration, or keep them in the classroom as an early finisher activity.  Either way, coloring books with crayons (or colored pencils or markers) are a good choice for non-candy Halloween treats!

3. Pumpkin Slime

Kids like slime, no question.  Orange slime in cute pumpkin containers?  A sure winner!  Even though its not candy, your students will definitely think getting slime from their teacher is a wonderful Halloween treat!

4. Halloween StickersHalloween Stickers

If you are looking for a fun non-candy Halloween treat, stickers are a great choice.  To make it even more exciting, you could celebrate Halloween by giving your students some time to decorate drawings, cards, name tags, or something else with their stickers.

5. Pumpkin Stress Balls

Pumpkin Stress BallsAlthough we hope our students are not stressed out, pumpkin stress balls are a cute gift for students.  They are a good toy, and you could even show some of your students how to squeeze them when they get angry or upset!


Do you have any other ideas about great non-candy Halloween treats? Leave a comment below or shoot me an email!