Language standards are an important content area for each grade level.  They teach students how to correctly use grammar, vocabulary, and other conventions of the English language.  This is necessary to help students become better readers and writers, which in turn will help them be successful in all other academic areas (and life in general).  If you are like me, however, you might find it hard to keep track of how your students are doing with the language standards for your grade level.  Enter these grade level language standards review sets that I have created!  They are perfect for reviewing and assessing the language standards for every grade and can give you a quick overview of which standards your students have and have not mastered.

What’s Included in the Language Standards Review Set?

For each grade level, there is a different pack.  Each pack consists of a few sheets with a question or two for every language conventions standard.  (To find the complete standards for each grade level, check out this website.)  The questions are labeled by standard, so you can easily tell which standard a question assesses.

How to Implement the Language Standards Review Set

These sheets can be used in a few different ways.  They cover ALL of the language conventions standards for grades 1-5, so they can be used as assessment or review.  Here are some ideas about how to implement them:

Beginning of the Year Pre-Assessment

You could use these sets at the beginning of the year to see what your students do and do not know.  For example, you might give your class the set for the previous grade level to figure out if they have any gaps in their knowledge.  In addition, you may also give your own grade’s set to see what they already know.  Either way, using these sets at the beginning of the year can help you shape your language conventions teaching throughout the school year.

Mid-Year Check-Ins

You could also use these sets during the year to see how your students are progressing and to give you an idea about what you still need to cover.  Furthermore, these sets would be extremely useful if you do standards-based grading.  Just look which questions students can answer, and you will know which standards they have mastered!

End of the Year Assessment

Just as you might use these sets at the beginning of the year, you may also use them at the end of the year to assess how well your students learned the language conventions for your grade.  Doing so can help with final grades and with self-reflection on your teaching for the year.

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