As a teacher, do you sometimes want an engaging activity that lets students share about themselves and what they’ve done?  Well, holiday memory books are perfect for those times!  They give kids a chance to write and draw about their experiences and opinions, which is fun for your students and helps you connect with them.  Plus, kids always love activities that are holiday- or season-themed!

Classroom Uses for Holiday Memory Books

Here are some ideas about how to use holiday memory books in the classroom:

  • Morning Work: Perfect for the day after a holiday or during a specific season.
  • Writing Station: Get your kids writing about the current holiday or season during stations.  Easy to prep and fun!
  • Whole Group Activity: Use during whole group writing time, or if you have some extra time during the holiday seasons.
  • Early Finisher Work: An exciting choice for kids who finish their work early (especially ones who love to write and draw).
  • Part of a holiday celebration: Great option to use as part of your holiday celebrations.  Students will be practicing writing and celebrating at the same time!

Prepping Holiday Memory Books (SO EASY!)

To get your holiday memory books ready to use, follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the book of your choice.
  2. Print double-sided and with double staples (each sheet gets two staples, which means each book is already stapled when you print!).  You could also print on card stock to make the books sturdier.  Also, remember to print half the number of books you need because each packet will produce two books.
  3. Cut each packet in half, and they are ready to go!


Interested in using holiday memory books in your classroom?  Here they are!

Halloween Memory Book

Thanksgiving Memory Book

Winter Memory Book

Valentine’s Day Memory Book

Spring Memory Book

St. Patrick’s Day Memory Book

Summer Memory Book

Did you enjoy using these in your classroom or have other suggestions? Please leave a comment below or send me an email!