Fun Fall Activities for Elementary Students

One of the best ways to keep students excited and engaged in the classroom is to incorporate fun, seasonal activities into your daily routine.  Sometimes they can be just for fun, but it is totally possible to find activities that celebrate the season AND promote high-quality learning.  So, if you are looking for some fun fall activities for your elementary students that will also keep your kids learning all day long, this is the post for you!

Here are 5 ideas for fun fall activities that your elementary students will love:

1. Fall Leaves Activities

One of the best things about fall is all the beautiful, colorful leaves!  There are lots of learning activities you can do using leaves that will keep your students interested and engaged.  Some ideas are:

  • Have students gather leaves, sort them by color, and graph the results.boy looking at leaf
  • Make art projects with leaves.
  • Write creative stories using leaves as inspiration.
  • Have students choose two leaves, then compare and contrast them.
  • Measure leaves using different units of measurement.
  • Describe leaves using the 5 senses.
  • Spend reading time outside sitting in the leaves.

Want some ready-to-go, fall leaves printables?  Check out my Fall Leaves Activity Pack!

2. Talk About Gratitude

gratitude journal exampleWith Thanksgiving just around the corner, fall is the perfect time to talk about gratitude with your kiddos.  Expressing gratitude regularly has been linked to all sorts of positive outcomes.  Teaching your students about gratitude and helping them find ways to incorporate gratitude into their lives will have a lasting impact.  For some awesome ideas and resources about gratitude in the classroom, check out this post!

3. Holiday Memory BooksHalloween memory book preview

A great way to get your students writing, while also celebrating the season, is by doing fall holiday memory books.  These memory books are booklets where your kids write about all the things they did to celebrate the holidays in the fall.  You can do this on plain writing paper, or use this pre-made Halloween memory book or this pre-made Thanksgiving memory book.

4. Pumpkin Day!

Pumpkin Activities for the Whole Day imageFall is pumpkin season and there are SO MANY engaging pumpkin activities that your kids will enjoy.  I love taking a whole day and designating it Pumpkin Day.  I get real pumpkins for each group of kiddos.  Then, we use that pumpkin for each subject throughout the day.  Not only do my students get really excited for the day, but lots of hands-on learning also happens.  To find out more details about having a Pumpkin Day in your classroom, check out this post that gives ideas for each part of the day!

5. Spend Time Outdoorschildren learning outside

The weather in the fall is perfect for spending time teaching outside.  Whether you do a science experiment, read aloud to your kids, or do outdoor math activities, your students will love going outside in the fall.  Plus, being outside is good for you and your kids!


Fall is such a fun time for kids, and I hope these fun fall activities for elementary students will help you bring some of that excitement into the classroom.  Do you have any other great ideas for fall activities?  Please, leave a comment below or send me an email!