Word searches are a wonderful activity for elementary age kids.  I use them in my classroom all the time, and my students always have fun with them.  Word searches for elementary students can be a great addition to your activities tool box!  (Want something else for your activities tool box?  Take a look at this post about Mad Libs!)

Benefits of Word Searches for Elementary Students

There are many benefits to using word searches for elementary students:

  • Kids love them!  My students are excited and engaged whenever I give them word searches to complete.  When kids enjoy an activity, it is so much easier for you as the teacher and allows students to learn more.
  • They help students learn about words and letters.  When doing a word search, kids must read words and look carefully for all of the letters used to spell those words.  While kids are having fun completing the word search, they are also practicing reading and spelling!
  • They teach persistence.  Many times, one of my kids would get stuck on a certain word.  This gave me the perfect opportunity to teach about not giving up when things become challenging.
  • They encourage flexible thinking.  Students must look in a variety of ways to find each of the words, so they need to think creatively.
  • Kids can work at their own pace.  Everyone does not need to finish at the same time, and it’s okay if some kids don’t finish.

Using Word Searches in the Classroom

You can use word searches in SO many ways.  Here are a few ideas:

  • Morning Work – Perfect for a holiday or just as a fun way to start the day.
  • Early Finisher Work – Students will work hard to finish if they have something interesting to do when they’re done.
  • Station Work – Great option if you need an extra station activity.
  • Indoor Recess – Some kids love activities like word searches when you need to stay inside for recess.
  • Down Time – You know how you sometimes have awkward periods of time where you can’t teach a lesson but need something to do (especially on days with assemblies or early dismissal or something)?  Word searches are perfect for those times!


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