Take Your Teaching Outside!

It’s springtime.  The weather is getting warmer.  The flowers are blooming and the trees are getting leaves.  The end of the school year is nearing.  You know what all of these things mean?  Antsy, distractible students!  The last part of the school year can be challenging – for you and your kiddos.  Want to know a simple way to make this time of year a little less difficult?  Try teaching outside!  Keep reading to learn why teaching outside can be so beneficial and to get some great ideas for outdoor learning.

Why Teaching Outside is Beneficialteaching outside

Teaching outside has many benefits for you and your students:

  • Enjoy the warmer weather: Some kids (and teachers!) get bummed out because they’re missing out on beautiful weather when they’re inside for class.  Taking your teaching outside means you get to enjoy the weather while your students keep learning!
  • Good for your health: Studies show that spending time outside helps you (and your students!) feel happier, more positive, more energized, and less stressed.
  • Change of pace: Taking some of your lessons outdoors provides a much-needed change of scenery during this challenging time of year.
  • Fun lesson opportunities: Sometimes, teaching outside gives you a chance to do different, interesting lessons with your students.

Ideas for Teaching Outside

So you’ve decided you want to spend time outside with your students?  Check out these lesson ideas for teaching outside!

  • Independent Reading Time:boy reading outside

Doing your independent reading time outside is a great way to spend time outdoors during the day!  Your kids can find a comfortable spot in the grass, on a bench, or on the playground to do their reading for the day.  This requires no additional prep, either!

  • Read Aloud Time:

Just like independent reading time, read aloud time is easy to take outdoors!  Just choose a good book to read aloud, find a nice spot for your class to sit, and do your read aloud lesson (or just read to your kids for fun).  (Looking for something to read?  Check out these great chapter books to read aloud or these read alouds that teach kindness!)

  • Writing Time:

writing outsideBeing outside for writing time gives your students a new perspective that can be helpful.  When they are outside, kids are exposed to different sights, sounds, smells, and experiences than when they are indoors.    You could do a structured writing lesson, let your kids free write, or use writing prompts (like these FREE outdoor writing prompts!) – all while spending time outside.

  • Outdoor Science Experiments:

boy exploring natureBeing outside in nature and fresh air is the perfect time to conduct interesting (and messier than usual!) science experiments.  I know my students LOVE doing experiments, but we don’t have time to do them very frequently.  So, if my kids are getting crazy, going outside and doing a science experiment is a surefire way to get them back under control.  You can find lots of great ideas on Pinterest or come up with your own based on what you want your kiddos to learn!


I hope this post has inspired you to take your teaching outside!  Do you have any other great ideas about teaching outside?  Send me an email or leave a comment below!