Identifying 2-D shapes is an important part of the geometry curriculum for the elementary grades.  Students need to memorize the characteristics that define each 2-D shape so that they can name each one.  As I have witnessed with my students, this takes lots of practice!  Kids enjoy that practice SO MUCH MORE when its fun.  So, I created this printable board game for students to work on identifying 2-D shapes.  Keep reading to find out more about using this game with your kids, or just click here to get the game!

How To Play: “Identifying 2-D Shapes Board Game”

This game is fairly easy to set-up and play.  To prep, all you have to do is print the board game and cards and get game pieces for each child.  Some ideas for game pieces are pennies, foam squares, ones cubes, or any other small item you have available.

After you have prepped the games, explain the following directions to your students:

  1. Each player chooses a game piece and puts it on the “START” circle.
  2. Place the cards face down on the “DRAW” rectangle.
  3. Players take turns drawing a card from the stack.  (Start with the shortest person.). Place cards in the “DISCARD” pile after each turn.
  4. Players must identify the shape on the card when it is their turn.  If they correctly identify the card, then they follow the directions on the card to move forward.  If they guess incorrectly, their turn is over.
  5. The first player to get to the “WIN” star at the end is the winner!

**Note: You must land on the “WIN” space exactly, so you cannot go if you draw a card that moves you more spaces than you need.**

Finally, assign your groups, hand out the games, and let your kids play!

Ideas for the Classroom

There are many different ways you can utilize this game in your classroom.  Here are a few ideas to get you started!

  • Whole Group Review: After teaching a lesson or unit on identifying 2-D shapes, your whole class can play this game as a review.  I LOVE using games as a whole group lesson, and my kids do, too!
  • Small Group Lesson: If you have one or two groups of kids who continue to struggle with identifying 2-D shapes, this game is perfect for a small group lesson with them!  Since they are in small group, you are playing with them or watching them play.  This means you can use the game as a teaching tool by discussing their choices and correcting when necessary.
  • Math Centers: After you have taught identifying 2-D shapes, this game could become part of your math centers.  When kids continually review past materials, they are less likely to forget it (yay!).
  • Fast Finisher Activity: This game could be an option for students who finish their work early, especially if you have a few kids who usually need something extra.  I have found that  most kids (but not all!) prefer games over extra worksheets or reading.

Ready to use the identifying 2-D shapes board game in your classroom?  Get it here!